Saturday, September 22, 2012

the joys of instagram, an introduction to my eyes

As tacky as this sounds, but I'm obsessed with Instagram. I feel like it's really cool when it comes to expressing yourself. I use the iPod version so my uploads are usually whenever I have wi-fi, and not actually at the moment. Hopefully with the launch of the iPhone 5, I'll be able to get an iPhone 4s. Anyway, I feel like uploading my instagram photos shows off my more personal side, instead of my professional artist side.

I added a cut because this might be a little much for some browsers.

For people who know me in real life, should know, I am obsessed with my dog. He could do no wrong in my eyes, he's a precious little creature who only lives to love. He's a 6-year-old Shih Tzu who we have had since I was in middle school. He helped me a lot during my adolescent years, and he's really important to me, in words I cannot describe. He lives with my parents but my mom is always sending me pictures of him.


I collect cute little trinkets, I have tons of them, it's a guilty pleasure. I will never have a use for them but I love using them to decorate my room. It's just something stupid I am into. They have an artistic merit to me though, people see junk, I see a neat little item that completes any composition.

I'm also a huge tea addict, I love taking little instagram photos with my favourite tea cup, and tea kettle. My tea cup was a gift from my room mate, and I use it pretty much everyday.

I also love food, and photographic my favourite meals. Some of the things are stuff I made or my step-dad made, or just stuff I found silly or pleasing to the eye.

I also love my friends, so much. They are dear to me and I wouldn't exchange them for anything else. Not even for a field of Eisuke's.

Instagram, as silly as it is. Is a wonderful way to get into someone's mind and see what they are seeing at the moment. Instagram is no way a professional way to photograph, but it's easily accessible to a lot of people, and can be accessed from most smart phones. I love opening Instagram and just taking silly, spontaneous photos, something I would never do on my normal camera.

I suggest getting Instagram and taking photos as much as you can. It's a good way to practice compositions, and you can easily mess with the lighting, which is a good reference for illustrating. I have taken reference photos for instagram just so I can have easy access to them while sitting in class.

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